Thursday, April 20, 2017


For all my life, any nightmares I have had have been about threats to me personally. Only lately have they become threats to all life on earth.

The first was the night after Trump was elected president. I dreamed we were on vacation on the west coast when our tour guides had everyone move to designated bomb shelter areas. This was a general alarm that everyone in the area knew about and all the news and the whole internet was covering it. Our country and some foreign power had escalated to a point where the missiles had been launched and we were just waiting for them to arrive. We were all hoping - against hope - that at the last minute someone would come to their senses and abort the missiles and we would be saved. But nobody really believed that and we all knew that this was the end of all life on earth. It was a totally empty and hopeless feeling; complete despair; utterly hopeless; helpless feeling. Then came the rage and then I woke up.

The second came last night. I don't remember much of the background or what led up to the end. It was a battle with some sort of general darkness. Everyone was waiting for this darkness to come and animate us all. It came as a sort of smoke; completely black (even in the night) and it swept over us like a fog. The first wave came many of us found a way to hide from it and we escaped. But another wave was coming and we all knew there was no escaping this time. It was terrifying but we all held out some glimmer of hope that we would survive again somehow and then I woke up.

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